Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire are available in many shades and tones from light delicate pink to an intense hot pink and all different shades of pink and in  between also.Most pink sapphire are colored by traces of chromium ,very high  chromium concentration will create a ruby and lower concentration create pink sapphire .If traces of element titanium is also included in the crystal then sapphire will have more purplish pink hue.

Ruby and pink sapphire all belong to the mineral family Corundum. The red ones are known as ruby, and other than red ruby and blue sapphire all are known as fancy sapphires.

The most valuable fancy color sapphire and the rarest is called Padparadscha and has a blend of orange and pink. Although the exact colour description is debated the beauty of these rare gemstone with their delicate blended pink and orange shade is universally esteemed.

Padparadscha sapphires are formed metamorphically by the earth's tectonic plates colliding with each other, the same movement that causes mountain ranges to form and earthquakes to occur. Within the earth's natural movement, crystals and minerals deep underground are heated and merged and form into new crystals. These hexagonal-shaped crystals are of the corundum family and only a slight presence of chemical material can determine whether they will end up as a padparadscha, ruby, sapphire or colored sapphire. While sapphires are naturally colored with iron and rubies with chromium, padparadschas are colored by the presence of both. The delicate balance of pink and orange hues make this gem one of nature's rarest.

Almost all pink sapphire is heated to improve the clarity or reduce the purplish secondary hue. Since even very good pink sapphires can be further improved by heating, it is very rare to find a high quality unheated stone.

There is something very cheery, youthful and optimistic about pink sapphire jewelry. It is a feminine stone but it is also one of the strongest and hardest stones next to diamond registering at a MOH scale hardness of 9. In this sense you could say it is a symbol of "the velvet glove" - feminine strength.