Natural Untreated Gemstones Only


Moonstone fine quality is a popular term for the transparent variety of moonstone which is very clear and has no cracks or inclusions as rainbow moonstone and above all has a beautiful shimmer .
The transparent moonstone exhibhit a distinct sheen under certain lighting condition.The shimmer or the sheen can be silvery ,soft blue, white to deep flame blue.
The body colour of moonstone ranges from colorless to light golden  yellow or light pale green.
The colorless to light golden yellow usually exhibhit soft blue to white shimmer and pale green body colour transparent moonstone exhibhit a silvery glossy lustorous shimmer.
Throughout its long history people have agreed and the qualities that the most highly favoured moonstones should display a colorless transparent appearance with blue adularescence known in the trade as blue sheen moonstone.The finest moonstone is the gem of glassy purity with mobile electric shimmer.
The very clear moonstones radiate a magical play of shimmer or sheen of light when they're moved around. Gemologists call this adularescence (adularia is another name for moonstone).
Part of the magic of moonstone is that even those stones that don't look as dramatic may, when rotated about, show a surprising emergence of color.
Normally, a moonstone is cut as a cabochon . Rose cut on cabochon is very much prevalent and in fashion these days and the designers are really fond of this cut.