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                                           LOVELY  RUBY CABOCHONS

Various sizes and shapes can be supplied . 3mm to 6 mm (0.20 carat - 1.45 carat size)  in round , marquise, trillion,cushion ,oval,pear etc for jewellery settings. These are transparent natural unheated untreated  ruby cabochons. Price range US$75-US$200 per carat .

Semi transparent to translucent Natural unheated ruby cabochons in sizes up to 14 mm (1 carat - 5 carat size) can be supplied in various shapes . Price range US$30 - US$100 per carat depending on colour , clarity etc . 


How we work  :  
We ethically source rough gemstone and cut ,polish in our works . We also cut gemstone as per the requirements of our clients.  
Once we get the details from the customer related to size , shape, colour , clarity we cut the gemstones and send the pictures of the cut gemstones . After the customer get satisfied seeing the pictures he can make the payment and we despatch the gemstones. This gives the assurance that he gets what he sees .

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