Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Silver Jewellery

Silver also called the noble metal is very popular for their usage in jewellery. The usage of silver is very well known from the ancient period .Some of the silver ornaments from Indus Valley sites  are hosted in the National Museum.
Silver is Antimicrobial . Antimicrobial is simply the term used to describe something that has the ability to resist the growth of microbes.
Thermal and Electrical conductivity of Silver gives it the ability to generate electric field which distributes electricity and heat around the body . Those silver ions which are charged positive create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiations away from the persons body . This conductive field will then stimulate the existing conductivity of the body of the person .
Through this Silver is able to improve a person's blood circulation , temperature balance and general healing.
Silver can be absorbed through skin. It Stimulates proper energy flow when placed in direct contact with the skin .
Silver with its lustrous white colour looks very elegant yet simple in rings , pendants , earrings and bracelets .