Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Rose cut gemstone

The rose cut in gemstone is a very ancient form of cutting gemstone and in recent times has become a fashion.
The method of cutting involves triangular facets on the dome of the gemstone top and the base of the stone is flat and unfaceted. Various shapes lend to this type of cut and especially round gemstone rose cut looks very pretty.Even irregular shaped gemstone cut as rose cut have a nice lovely appearance.
Triangular facets rise to form a shape like a faceted mount. The rose cut resembles to an opening rose bud.The top of the gem is covered with small triangular facet.
The facets generally are cut in two rows.The star facets and diagonal facets respectively from upper row and lower row.In the center the triangular shaped six facets have their presence.
 Rose cut is more prevalent in cabochon grade gemstone .The rose cut on cabochons adds value  and has a very appealing look to jewelry as most of the part of gemstone is visible and less is hidden in settings.