Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Natural Gemstone - Jewellery

Jewellery has always been and will ever be the choice of all human beings . Since the ancient days to this fast paced technological era the love for natural gemstones and desire to own has only seen its growth.

In the sky of jewellery both the thunder and flash are only the gemstone . Yes ,some use the gemstones as beads to have the sound ,some facet it to have the glitter  , some give the shape of dome to gemstone known as Cabochons to exhibhit the star ,cats eye , flash effect which are naturally embedded in the them .
When you want to adorn  and give yourself a pamper nothing is best than jewellery made with natural gemstones .

Every one of us want a unique piece of jewellery and not the mass produced one which has a  replica.Natural gemstone has a unique colour shade ,pattern and variety is diverse . For those of us who love the unique and elegant style in earrings, bracelets, nose pin , rings ,pendants ,necklaces ; gemstone jewellery would be a treat to cherish.

When designing a jewellery the first question that comes to mind is its appeal and wearability. The diverse variety of natural gemstones gives a stronghold to designers to design jewellery that is minimal and chic to bold . A flash of blue or rainbow in moonstone  , the stars in star ruby , the sparkle in sky blue aquamarine , the velvet blue in sapphire and iolite (water-sapphire),  the vibrance of red in rubies to various shades of pink in fancy sapphires extend the scope to design jewellery in a manner that suits to the taste of modern to traditional.