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Iolite Gemstone - Healing and Metaphysical properties

                                                                      IOLITE   GEMSTONE 
     Iolite Cabochon                     Iolite Faceted 
Iolite gemstone is one of the best gemstones to use in psychic healing and spiritual activities . Excellent gemstone for meditation and astral travel. If a person intends to connect with the third eye chakra then Iolite helps in aligning himself with the higher forces of the universe and connect to the subtle bodies of energy that surrounds him.It is considered a very strong "Shaman" stone and can stimulate vision. Assists one at living at a higher awareness level.
Iolite gemstones spiritual properties helps to accept the life situation and look at our life and actions with objectivity .
This gemstone stimulates the awakening of vision and intutive abilities .
Reduces anxiety ,depression ,stress and calm the nerves.
The iolite gemstone unites the mind , body and spirit and aids to reevaluate your financial life and become more financially responsible.
The gemstone enables us to eliminate discord from our life and release what no longer support us. Helps the person in his path of Deaddiction.
Iolite is the worlds first polarizing filter. 
Due to the strong pleochoric effect of Iolite gemstone The Viking sailor used very thin pieces of Iolite to look at the hazy sky to determine the exact position of Sun.So it is also known as Vikings Compass.
Pleochorism is an optical phenomenon in which a mineral appears to have different colours when observed at different angles. Iolite is a beautiful mineral corderite which exhibhits eye visible pleochorism as it is rotated in the light .
Iolite displays three colours . Deep violet blue in one side and when rotated and viewed from different angle in light it becomes colorless as clear as water and another side displays honey-yellow colour . Also known as water-sapphire .
A marvel gift from mother nature to humankind !!!

  Iolite Rose Cut