Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Gemstone Cabochons

A  Cabochon is a smooth convex unfaceted gemstone. Making cabochons was one of the first ways human beings could  find the use of gemstones.So many Antique Jewellery hold gemstones in the form of Cabochons. Dome shaped , Generous and Assertive this cut is not reticent but surely bold and of course lovely.

One of the oldest form of gem cutting the technique involves giving gemstones a curved ,dome in various shapes as round, pear , cushion, trillion, oval, marquise etc. The bottom of the gem tends to be flat making them ideal for setting in jewellery.The gemstone that have star or sheen as moonstone, star ruby , cats eye etc are usually cut as cabochon only, even in the modern era.

The sapphire gemstone lends itself very well to the cabochon cut because it is an extremely hard stone measuring 9 in Moh's scale so it is less likely to scratch.And gemstone that are included with few fractures are cut as cabochons as this type of cut hides the flaw and makes the gem glow with beauty . So price wise these gems are reasonably priced and comes in big sizes in sapphires which is very unlikely for a faceted sapphire.

Cabochons are back in fashion .Many designers these days have created stunnning jewelry with gemstone cabochons.