Natural Untreated Gemstones Only

Gemstone Cabochon

Cabochons is derived from a Latin word Caput meaning "Head". A highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets. The convex shaped dome with flat bottom gives an enchanting and ecstatic feel  to the lovers of gemstone.

The contemporary designer has a competitive edge when using cabochons in their collection of gemstone jewellery.

The most ancient cut in gemstone is Cabochon . Most of the antique jewellery  have cabochon cut gemstones. The use of cabochons in jewellery gives an antique look and is best suited to the bold and assertive women  of today.

 The Cabochon cut is preferred because it is the only type of cut which exhibhits and highlights the specific feature of the gemstone.  In context with the specific features these three major features are worth to mention. The first unique feature is Star, like Star Ruby  ,  the second is Cats Eye in Moonstone or  Iolite , the third is of course the Shimmer of Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Sheen Moonstone, Sunstone glitter and Rare Iolite Shimmer.

Star Ruby       Rainbow Moonstone      Iolite Cats Eye            Sunstone







Blue sheen Moonstone Cabochon



The Cabochon cut allows the light to pass through the gemstone unlike the faceted gemstone in which the light is refracted from the facets of the gems. As the light pass through the gemstone it gives a special sun like glow to the gemstone . This can be best seen in rubies and sapphires.

      Ruby Cabochon         Pink Sapphire Cabochon         Iolite Cabochon


The simple flat bottom in cabochon cut gemstone makes them ideal for the jewellery setting.